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The Official Newsletter of The India Music Arts and Cultural Society

Volume 1, Issue 6

November 5, 2000

IMACS - Our first year of success

Special thanks to:

Dr. Venkat Devarajan, our faculty advisor, who's been a source of guidance and inspiration to us all. Thanks to Dr. Ramesh Yerrabali, Mr. David Levine, Dr. Ronald Carter, Dr. Lawrence Holder and Dr. Arthur Reyes for their support and encouragement. My thanks to ISA and other international student organizations who have helped in different ways. My appreciative thanks to the close co-operation provided by the International Office and ISO. Thanks to Kalyan who was the editor of the last IMACSian. Thanks to Prakash Katama, Barti, Vijay, Rejineesh, Vijayan, Prakash, Sunil, Sandeep, Sridhar, Monica, Amudha, Sarvanan, Hemanth, Vishwas, Deepak, Haritha, Srisha, Narayanan, Amit, Madhu, Pramod, Praveen, Sashank and many  other  members whom we could not mention here due to space limitations.

November 1999, Debut:

IMACS debuts in November 1999, at the Gateway to India show held by the Indian Students Association. "Manjiri", what IMACS named their performance, immediately set the standards for the future IMACS events. "Creating, Achieving and Maintaining Excellence… Today… Everyday" is what IMACS believes in and we promise to deliver.

April 2000:

IMACS is invited to perform at the Inaugural Function of UTA International Week on April 3rd, 2000.

Music, Dance and More:

IMACS does not specialize in music and dance alone. Yoga! Yoga! Yoga! - IMACS plans Yoga classes on campus. To this date the class is 6 months old and still going strong.

April 1st, Aradhana 2000:

IMACS Fusion Music and Dance Show on Saturday, April 1st, 2000 at Lone Star Theatre, UTA Activities Building. "Aradhana" rocks, sways, tantalizes and leaves the audience enraptured. The standard is now set in stone. There is no looking back. IMACS is here to stay.

April 3rd, IMACS goes on the air:

IMACS makes it to NBC Channel 5. Watch IMACS perform at the Inaugural Function of UTA International Week on April 3rd, 2000. Telecast starts at 5 pm on April 3rd, 2000!

May 20th, Taking it one step further:

IMACS is invited to perform at the Asian Cultural Festival in Dallas on May 20th!

June 2000, Distributed Forum:

IMACS releases its own on-campus newsletter. It's available all over campus! The IMACSian is now 5 months old and subscription levels are more than print numbers.

July 29th, "Astonishingly beautiful, uplifting and invigorating" says Bill Ginevicz, an artist from Fort Worth:

Natyanjali features professional Bharatnatyam  dancers from the Kala Vandana Dance Center. IMACS is proud to have them as guest performers.

New Office Bearers!

The sword is passed onto the new generation. IMACS bids adieu to Karthik Tirumalai and welcomes in the new Treasurer, Public Relations Officer, and President.

Lots More:
IMACS and SHRI RAM CHANDRA MISSION presented a Seminar on "Natural Path" System Of Meditation on October 13th 2000.

The World Comes ........…

The long awaited show is finally here. "Worlds in Harmony" is the theme for Aradhana and Kalakriti. With this show IMACS marks one whole year of performance, excellence, and dedication to exposing people to India, Music, Arts and Culture through publications, concerts and workshops. We have accomplished our mission thanks to all out dedicated members. With your
support we will accomplish more in the years to come.

The Future:

No one can predict the future. But one thing is certain. IMACS, with the support and enthusiasm from its members will live and prosper. IMACS thanks all its members wholeheartedly.

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