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Cool Stuff!

This dance is dedicated to all you light hearted in the audience. This piece is an out and out entertainer and also encompasses the basic quality of harmony--the essence of all IMACS performances We have in this show a medley of music. Under such circumstances can a medley of dance pieces be far away.  Well IMACS does not disappoint. This fun number will definitely capture the audience with its flair, fun and grace. The pair of dancers, our very own vice-president, Jayaprakash and Roopashri Vittal, put their best foot forward to the tune of a medley of Tamil and Hindi tunes from popular Indian movies and capture the audience they will. Get ready for the coolest few minutes of your life.

Still More

The story does not end here. There is still more to come. We have new twists on old traditions and some more international flavor for your viewing and listening pleasure. The popular Bhangra for example will be performed in a style that is traditional but very recognizable. The Bangladeshi artists will be performing "In a rocky mood", a music piece which is by a band, James, local to Bangladesh. We have a traditional Kathak dance by Latha and Leena which promises to re-educate the audience. On a more soothing note, Rustic Melody, will put you in a very calm mood, giving way to the Grand Finale which consists of dances from all four corners of India ending the show with the Divali festival favorite, the Diya Dance.


This article is a note of thanks to one and all who made 'CRY Walk 2000' a grand success. A year ago, CRY Walk-a-thon was first started in Dallas with 50 registrants. That was an achievement in itself and on this 30th day of September 2000, more than 300 registrants at the beautiful Bachman Lake in Dallas, gave the volunteers,  not only a feeling of triumph but also a sense of achievement that they had managed to make a difference. The painstaking efforts put in by the entire CRY Dallas team is worth a mention. All the team efforts paid off when, people of all ages participated in this Walk to show that they cared for the unfortunate children and they too wanted to make a difference. Hundreds walked hand in hand full of life and energy, determined to complete the 5K Walk/Run.
The first batch of walkers, about 150 of them, took off on schedule at 10:00 am with one of our very own CRY volunteer giving it a fine start with an emotional speech. This event was quite a Walk, with families, students, professionals, all with their best smiles, walking shoulder to shoulder. As the participants walked along the trail, they were cheered along the way by other volunteers at the water stations. Volunteers had stickers for every participant, for every mile they walked. This kept their energy levels high and pumping. All the participants were given a commemorative T-shirt and a Walk/Run souvenir. As the walkers reached the finish line, cheered by other walkers and CRY Volunteers, they were greeted with smiles and directed to food booths to treat their growling stomachs.

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