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Let's create the Universal Appeal!

The universal appeal of Music definitely lies in its foot tapping qualities. This dance brought to you by the western Indian group weaves this very magic for you with its broad appeal and variety. Stay tuned and we promise you nothing but the best.

- Western India Group (Part of the Grand Finale)

Sa Ni Dha Pa

The western style of techno and rock has had a great impact on Indian music.  The pioneers of fusion are the Colonial Cousins (popular Indian musicians) who have been able to blend the richness of the Indian and western music. Here is an attempt to recapture the harmony that they created.

Journey through time

Travel on a musical journey through different time signatures and music styles, ranging from Jazz to Swing to Rock with hints of Latin. On a more technical note these styles are packaged into time signatures of 4,6,7 and 9.  Transitions from one signature to another mark the inherent complexity of this composition, without neglecting the mellifluous blend between the various styles. The Indian percussion instruments add an ethnic flavor to this western fusion piece.

Credits to Andy, Adam and Grant for their successful composition.

World without walls

The theme music for Aradhana and Kalkriti aptly portrays that music has no boundaries. "World without walls" demolishes the walls of separation, the walls of traditional dissonance, walls of cultural differences. The music bounces all over the world with its diverse influence. The piece starts off with an atypical western classical lead line, and proceeds to shift effortlessly into and out of Indian sub-continental classical music. Not to be outdone the percussionists take you to a different plane with their snappy and catchy beat. Haunting vocals and wailing guitars complement this web and bring out the true meaning of the only true common language.


It has a mixture of movie songs which strikes a different chord in the listener's heart, irrespective of where he hails from. The mood of this medley carries the listener from a soothing start to an exciting and exhilarating end. It has an eclectic blend of diverse film music of different languages which shows the harmony among the diverse cultures of India, and the spirit of unity in diversity through a pot - pourri of foot tapping songs.

Alai Payuthey

Indian Classical music is fathomless, the depths of which can be reached only by a few maestros. On the other hand it is also very versatile. We IMACSians are presenting a non-traditional orchestration of a classical song using western instruments. The song describes Lord Krishna's music and the mesmerizing effect it has on its listeners. The Nayaka yearns melody from Krishna's flute and beckons him to play for her. There are different layers to this song, it can be extended to mean love, bhakti (dedication), trust and a host of other things, but the basic essence of it is that the Nayaka yearns for inner peace.

South Side Story!

The Grand Finale has already boasted of dances from the North, West and East of India. Well can a South Indian form of dance be far away. Not when we have a host of talent from the south. Brought from the land of beautiful palms and even more beautiful people is a Tamilian folk dance. And guess what? That is not all the surprises that these south Indian dancers have in store for us. One of the tunes to which these dancers perform is composed by our very own secretary, Chandrasekhar Srinivasan. The other tune is from a very popular Tamil film.
-South Indian Group (Part of the Grand Finale)

Holood Gadar Phool

There has always been a close relation between man and nature. The changing seasons also bring about changes in man. The monsoon in India is characterized by incessant rain, dark cloudy skies and a generally gloomy atmosphere. The birds do not sing and the southern wind does not blow. To alleviate the depressing situation this princess of ours is dancing, asking for beautiful flowers and ornaments to adore herself. She hopes to lighten her spirits by dressing up brightly.
- Eastern Indian Group. (Part of the Grand Finale)

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