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Welcome to UTA……...contd. from page 2

While handing over your resume:

  • Introduce yourself politely
  • State your purpose (that you are looking for an on-campus job/assistantship)
  • Listen to what the other person has to say (if there is no position open then, he may tell you so or put your resume on file for future openings, in which case, you have to keep following up regularly)
  • Find out when you may check back again (maybe tomorrow, next week?)
  • Remember to thank the person (yes, you thank everybody here for everything)
  • Check back later (this way, you also show your interest in the position you are applying for)

The following is a listing of possible places on campus ( that you can try for a job/assistantship depending on your specialization and areas of interest:
* Nedderman Hall (NH) - Depts. Of Elec., Comp. Sc. and Civil Engg., Engg. Network Services, Engineering Televison, Science and Engg. Library
* Biomedical Engg. Building
* Woolf Hall (WH) - Depts. of Mech., Aerospace and Industrial Engg.,
* University Hall (UH) - Dept. of History, Women's Studies, College of Liberal Arts, UTA Telefund, etc.
* Architecture Building (School of Architecture, Arch. And Fine Arts Library)
* Business Building (BB) -

REMEMBER -> However good, however talented, however hardworking you are, you will not get much unless you ask for it. So simply put, do you want something? Well then, ask for it ……else someone else will.

What do you get if you get a RA/TA/on-campus job ?
If you get an on-campus job, you are allowed to work for a maximum of 19 hours a week. For Research Assistantships (RAs) and Teaching Assistantships (TAs), it is 20 hours. Some RA/TA positions may require you to take the Test of Spoken English (TSE) or the SPEAK test (very similar to TSE, but administered on campus). On campus job holders get paid by the hour (salaries may range from $5 - $12 an hour), while RA and TA salaries range from $500 to $1200 (whoever gets $1200, whoa! that is a lot, the lucky dogs!). RAs and TAs have to pay in-state tuition which is about 1/3rd the total tuition to be paid. They also get insurance coverage, which means that they get to live on the edge and still not pay a lot to get their face fixed! Don't worry if you don't get a RA or a TA in the first semester. Quite a few students don't! Channelize your energy on academics and more experienced job-searching next semester! Also, be confident, even after a month of trying. Sometimes it just takes time….

Ganeshram Ramji Iyer
( Karthik Thirumalai (

Accounting, Economics, Finance and Real Estate, Information Systems, Management, Marketing, Undergraduate Advising, Office of Information and Instructional Research (OIIR), Business Career Services
* Social Work Complex
* Fine Arts Building (Video and AV Services and Depts. of Communication, Music, Theatre Arts, etc.)
* Davis Hall (Counseling and Career Development, Testing Services, Bursar's Office, Graduate School, University Publications and other offices in the building)
* Texas Hall
* Pickard Hall (Nursing, Math and other departments)
* Hammond Hall (School of Education, English Language Institute, SOAR, Foreign Languages, Linguistics, etc.)
* Trimble Hall
* Science Hall (Depts. of Physics,
* Activities Building
* Carlisle Hall
* Wetsel Building-  Human Resources, Payroll Services
* University Center - Copy Center, Post Office, Aramark Dining Services, all offices in basement, Student Employment Services, Housing, Students with Disabilities, UC Room Reservations, International Office, Student Governance, etc.
* Central Library (CL)
* Life Science Building (LS)(College of Life Science, Psychology and other departments)
* ACS Labs-NH, WH, UH, LS, BB,RH, CL
* MAV Express Office
* Student Publications (The Shorthorn)
* Golf Club
* Tennis Court
* UTA Bookstore
* Swift Center (Continuing Education, etc.)

"Be positive in your approach!"

"The smart ones are the ones who land first with the best jobs on campus"

" It is important to rely heavily…..on yourself!"

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