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Snapshots of ARADHANA 2000
Top:  Shawn and Ishita with the Lucky Dip winner!
Right: Prakash and Shweta doing the Bhangra
Bottom: The IMACS team


The title may seem a bit strange (No attempt to shrink the US). Hey, but that's just how I feel after having lived in the US for the past five months. As a person who takes every experience as a step towards an enjoyable life, I would love to share some of them with you, some strange and some not so strange.

US seems to be a land of comforts, luxuries and for dreams to come true to almost all Indians (being very honest). But that's not all true. Life here is tough, especially for a student. And it is the same for H1 visa holders. The first and foremost hardship faced by any International student is the "nourishment".
Unlike back home, where we procured most delicious dishes prepared lovingly by  our ever-worried
mothers or in "dhabas", cooking has

to be  adopted as an everyday routine, which certainly was not the case in India. Life in India is easygoing with little or no responsibility (excluding those who got married in India!). Out here, every aspect including finance, cooking, education (to maintain our precious unconditional status), etc… is a responsibility. It disciplines us and we are proud of ourselves for being a more organized person than we ever were back home. I hope all of you have started to feel confident about yourselves.

Another major change that this "Land of opportunities " brings in a person is in their personality. The ability of a person to communicate with another greatly increases, irrespective of their origin and great cultural, geographical and language differences
(I don't undermine the  marketing gurus). That's another reason why

I see the US as a global village. I myself have made friends from all over the globe. There is definitely no room for complaints of the nature that a person misses speaking his native language. Our want and need to communicate and maintain friendships with so many students, no matter their country or continent of origin helps make us more human. Indirectly, we learn many languages (knowing Spanish is an un-usurpable advantage)! Hey, so there are experiences and thoughts that you want to share. This is the place and the medium for just that.
Share culture, tradition, interests, arts and share alike. So I hope you experience many new things and enjoy them.

Contributed by Sandeep Apsangi
Graduate Student in Mech Engg.

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