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Letter from Karthik Thirumalai, the outgoing President, IMACS, Oct. '99 - August 2000

Dated September 4th, 2000

Dear IMACSians,
My greetings to you and a warm welcome to the hundreds of new IMACSians who have been added to the IMACS emailing list. 

I still remember the first meeting of IMACS comprising of Sushanth Rai, Praveen Yajman, Chandrasekhar Srinivasan, Srikrishna Sridhar and myself. This was the meeting which set the ball rolling for the formation of IMACS - an organization formed to promote Indian music, arts and culture at UTA in the best professional tradition. 

We have come a long way since our inception in October 1999. During this period, some of our activities have included the debut at Gateway to India program in October '99, ARADHANA - Fusion Music Ensemble and Dance Show in April 2000, Fusion Music Show at International Week Inaugural in April 2000, associating with UTA Wellness Program to start Yoga classes on Campus, Bhangra and Bharathanatyam performances representing India at the Dallas Asian Cultural Festival 2000 in May 2000, meditation camps in association with Sri Ramachandra Mission in Spring and Summer semesters, NATYANJALI - Bharathanatyam dance show in July 2000, participation in the Spring, Summer and Fall 2000 UTA Activities' Fairs and more recently, the participation in the Welcome to the World party in August 2000. Summer 2000 also saw the birth of The IMACSian, the official IMACS newsletter started with an aim to promote IMACS activities on campus as well as provide information and a forum of communication for all IMACSians.

During this period, we have also had a steady increase in our membership. We have grown from an initial membership of 5 to nearly 350 members now! We have also got good reviews for our performances from the Fortworth Weekly, The Shorthorn and NBC Channel 5.

Yes, we have made a lot of progress. If there is something that has not changed since our formation, it is our focus on remaining at the forefront in delivering excellence in all that we do. 

I have had a very enjoyable and fruitful tenure as the first President of IMACS. I have learnt a lot during this period and have seen a lot of fellow IMACSians do so too. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my office-bearers who have worked with me during my tenure - Chandrasekhar Srinivasan, Jayaprakash Kandasamy(JP), Kshiti Desai, Ganeshram Iyer, Spruha Desai and Amisha Jain. They have been with me through different IMACS activities and it has been my pleasure working with them.

Thanks to all my dance and music team members whom I have had the opportunity to work with for the different IMACS shows - if you find me trying out a few dance steps or dabbling with music anytime, it's only because of these people :). Special thanks to all my friends and colleagues who have helped me with various IMACS activities inside and outside campus. My thanks to Dr.Venkat Devarajan, our faculty advisor, who's been a source of guidance and inspiration for us. Thanks to Dr.Ramesh Yerrabali, Mr.David Levine, Dr.Ronald Carter, Dr. Lawrence Holder and Dr. Arthur Reyes for their support and encouragement. My thanks to ISA and other international student organizations who have helped in different ways. My appreciative thanks to the close co-operation provided by the International Office and ISO.

If IMACS is recognized as a quality professional organization today, it is only because of the hard work, enthusiasm and dedication that have been input by you --> The IMACSians. Thanks to all of you!

Here's wishing all the best for IMACS' new President, Ganeshram Iyer and Vinodh Anand Srinivasan, the new Secretary - Public Relations. The new team is already brimming with ideas for major activities in Fall 2000. Don't miss out on IMACS happenings on campus for forthcoming semesters! 

Get involved, discover more friends, feel the IMACSian camaraderie and start living life the fun way -----> The IMACS way!

Thank You,
Karthik Thirumalai

       "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit." - Aristotle
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