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New year has passed and, like most people, I too looked up my astro-prediction for the year. Not that I believe it, but just for kicks!! Overall the predictions foresee a good year ahead. Nothing major, really. “You might go on a foreign trip” (if you consider India “foreign”). “You might make a lot of money if you are wise and street smart.” (Do people make money being stupid and lazy?) “Students, working hard with persistence would yield good results”. But obviously! Or better, “The Scorpio Moon has a powerful lesson to teach you. Don't procrastinate, or you would end up paying the price.” I’ve always suspected that these supposed “predictions” were more likely to have been conjured up by some inventive author with an imaginatively obscure vocabulary. If it already isn’t, well…. I’d say it could be! It’s not that I don’t believe in the concept of astrology, it’s just that, I think commercialization has made it all mumbo-jumbo.

I mean, take a look at a typical astro-prediction: While one website claimed that today would be the best day to make my moves profes


sionally, yet another claimed that today would be the perfect day for the "great escape" from the drudgery of routine. Confused?

If making sense of conflicting reports is tough, try decoding this: “The Sun is in Aries, the Moon is in Scorpio and Pluto, your ruling planet, seems imminent to wreak havoc on your social life!” (What life?!). So, are we mere pawns ruled by the almighty planets and stars, or do we mortals have more control on our lives? Besides, even if these predictions were true, is it implied that every person belonging to a particular sun sign would go through similar incidents or situations or be at similar circumstances in their life? That is implausible. If websites aren't enough to satiate one's thirst to know about tomorrow, one could try a tarot reading for *just* $3/minute on real audio. Or simply dial 1-800-CLEO!! Sometimes I wonder if astro-philes, as I call those staunch believers of astro predictions, unconsciously end up fulfilling their astro-predictions? Is it, that it works for them or do they make it all work out anyway?


Having combed through numerous astro-sites just to prove my stand, I

can now confidently say that I now have what it takes to be a cryptic astro-guru myself. Penning an astro column? Easy. Similarity in predictions for almost all sun signs seems to be a standard. Sprinkle the names of some astro-friendly planets, typically Saturn, Mercury, Venus, Pluto and Mars. Next, generally talk about nothing in particular and everything in general. Alternatively create special “profiles” as in professional, romantic (a big draw!), pet, boss, coworkers, blah blah. And *always* write an overall happy report.


It’s as easy as A-B-C, which is Astrology By Cause-&-effect. It’s just about as amazing as some weather forecasts that go “It may or may not rain.” From a commercial point of view, almost every self-respecting website has an astrology report that is based either on your star/moon/sun sign. Maybe we, at IMACS, should seriously consider running a monthly astro too –if nothing, at least to improve our popularity ratings. In fact, I can whip one up right now with deadly accuracy, and what’s more, it applies to all living beings of all sun signs: Around the 13 day of the fifth month of the 1st year of the new millennium, owing to the fact that the Sun is in Aries

and the Moon is in Scorpio, and besides due to some minor inconsequential people like the IMACS team, U.T.A students would be regaled at a show called “Aradhana”. If you are early, you will be lucky to avail tickets!


Nandini Ravi




This is a new feature planned to be included in all future issues of IMACSian. This is to acknowledge the outstanding members who have contributed for the function of the society and its programs and also to give a chance to our readers to know about these members better.

Popularly know as Andy, John Andrew Weaver has been the ‘Drummer’ in various IMACS programs for over a year. He used to play the trumpet for his school band in the seventh grade. By his final year in school he had played in live


performances apart from being in the school marching band as a drummer and jazz bands.

He then went on to County Junior College, where he learned more instruments in the orchestra though his main concentration was still on the drums. He is interested in music from around the world and compares it to what he has been playing; off late he has been learning how to play Egyptian drums for belly dancing.



Currently he is enrolled in U.T.A for a bachelor’s degree in music. Apart from learning more in the field of music he teaches various instruments in the orchestra to a class here. His future plans include playing the drums for professional groups and associate himself with the non-performing aspect of the music industry including teaching. He has already been playing professionally in studio performances, albums, private parties and weddings. He became an IMACS member a year ago, to get a taste of Indian music. When he was asked to perform at ‘Aradhana, Spring 2000’ he took as a challenge and found that music is a universal language, which can reach around the world alike.

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