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Welcome to the Dark Side! ...Ramblings of another Internet Frankenstein

Aah! The Internet. Now there is a topic that has been discussed ad nauseam. We have heard about 'The Internet - A Boon!' and lets not forget 'The Internet - A threat!' To me the Internet is nothing more than a tool, but obviously I am in the minority. People now a days not only want the Internet but they need it. Did you ever take a good glimpse at the Internet? It has a life of its own. Scary haan?! I am talking about the side of the Internet, which everyone knows exists but no one wants to accept.

A very common misdemeanor, which I am sure that everyone at some point has committed, is downloading illegal MP3s. Everyone, I am sure again, has heard of This site is particularly interesting because it twists legal terms to ensure that it always stays within the law, but just so. It has avoided being shut down by not maintaining a collection of songs at some server which by all legal terms is illegal. Instead it allows you to download MP3s by connecting you to another user's computer. Nice! I can dedicate a whole article to this site and still not have my fill.

Server security! Well that depends on how small time your company is. If you are one of the big boys then don't be surprised if you get hacked and have your credit card information stolen. Thank you "MAXUS". You could also have your server serving absolutely no one when the hackers/phreakers inundate your site with requests. Your computer could have worms, which replicate themselves (Gross!!). How about if someone makes sure that anyone who enters your site is directed to some other site. With your luck you probably will get a site that opens up so many pages that your network administrator will definitely have you expelled.

Work on Unix? Well go to to get your fill on Unix insecurity. Don't be surprised if you come away feeling just a little naughtier. is yet another Unix insecurity site, which will interest you to try some of those tricks on your local Unix server.

If you think that when you buy a software product then that is all you are buying. Surprise! Surprise! Check out and find out the real story about software and also other

forms of media, movies, music etc. Play 'Spy Hunter' on MS Excel, or spin through a virtual sky on an older version. Even groups like Roxette have some 'easter eggs', as this site likes to call them, in songs like "I wish I could fly".

Do you like blood and gore? Well then the Internet is the right place for you. You can have the - never to be missed - opportunity of ripping out your enemy's heart online with games like Quest and Mortal Kombat. Go to to play this multiplayer game. But remember you have to have the game first. Killing is not cheap you see.

Of course the Internet is not all bad. There is, which makes your search for the Dark Side that much easier. We do have, the Police Officer's Law Enforcement Center. Well put up whatever you want, there is always someone out there who can crack it or at least mess it up completely.

If you remember the words uttered by the Jedi "I am not afraid" then all I have to say to you is "You will be!" (and ya if you want the disclaimer for this, then email me.)

Ganeshram Ramji Iyer

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