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Love at second sight!!!

The car symbolizes a student's status, character, and LIFESTYLE. Students usually hunt for one, when they land an internship or co-op. Some just get one for pleasure. Your first car is as important as your first love. And when you buy a used one, you have to spend as much as you would spend on your love.
Students usually go in for a used one as it is highly affordable. Buying a car is like marrying your love. They share similar properties. They freeze without reason and may explode spontaneously without warning and for no apparent reason. They are the most powerful dough reducing agent known to man. So, you have to find one worth it, and which fits your budget. Predetermine your budget. Decide forehand whether the car will be self financed or financed by Banks, car dealers, or loan agencies (Texas Credit Union for e.g.). It is very important that you handle the whole finance thing with CARE. You have to booze it up frequently too. For sturdy performance, it's better to look for Japanese beauties like Toyota, Honda, Nissan and Mazda. They come in various shapes and sizes. You could stay together for couple of years and then ditch her, when you land a NEW job, after which you can hunt for virgin, sleek models with lots of curves.
These Japanese beauties cost as low as $1,000 up to $7,000 depending on structure and number of ex-boyfriends they have had. If you are going in for a virgin model, they come for above $15,000. Some American Beauties like  the Ford Mustang cost just $18,000. As per statistics, Japanese models

Guess who?

No prizes for guessing who the personalities shown here are, but if you think these are good you ain't seen nothing yet!
These are yet more pencil shadings by the ever so talented Narayanan Viswanathan (MS Indusrtial Engineering). His discipline does him no justice.
All one can say after seeing these is "He's an artist!".     
(From L to R): Rajinikanth, Manmohan Singh and M.F.Husain

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